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Overflow is a real-time generative art piece. It consumes publicly available video of the Sunshine Skyway bridge and transduces the signal into visual, audible and kinetic projections.


When moving toward Overflow, your first perception is an undulating drone sound. It reaches you before you encounter the piece, inviting you to experience it more fully. When the full experience comes into view you are presented with a kinetic sculpture on a pedestal and a projection with pixelated lines and circles appearing. Tucked away in the upper left is a window into the source, a live feed of one of the FDOT traffic cameras that monitors the Sunshine Skyway bridge 24/7. Encircling each vehicle is an outline indicating that it is being identified and tracked as it flows over the bridge. You’re able to see the connection between each car and the pixelated artefact that represents it in the larger visual field. An series of horizontal lines is laid over the space and as each car passes over it a piano tone is triggered resulting in a chance based generative soundtrack that resembles a wind chime. Combined with the low frequency drone sound, Overflow provides a full spectrum sonic experience. The number of vehicles going in each direction is monitored and turned into movement as the sculpture’s bridge cables move up and down in response to the flow of traffic.



The video feed is consumed and processed via custom software that utilize tools ffmpeg and OpenCV. The visual projection is a Processing sketch. An Arduino microcontroller receives data via USB from Processing and engages with servos that modulate cable tension. Ableton Live receives data via OSC in response to traffic triggers.


Overflow was created by a subset of the OK! Transmit community including Mikhail Mansion, Olivia Mansion, James Curran and Gregg Perkins.