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Drowning out intrusive sound in order to focus is important, especially in open office plans. I typically use a phone app but I kind of hate it because I distracted by notification badges and forget why I grabbed my phone in the first place! For a while I’ve wanted to create a focus app that works on desktop and mobile. With an extra day off and a burst of inspiration I got started! I’m using Ionic and Tone.js to play different colored noise generators. I have other ideas but I’m proud of this little proof of concept!

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It Begins

For over a year now I’ve been wanting to get into data science and machine learning. It just recently clicked for me that I can do so and apply what I learn at work and at home with music! I’m taking the Machine Learning A-Z course on Udemy and loving it! I hope to eventually make interactive sound installations and use data to generate and modulate sound.